SHIELD at the ProSPeReS Final Conference – Łódź, November 22, 2023

The SHIELD project was represented at the ProSPeReS Final Conference, which took place in Łódź, Poland, on November 22, 2023. The conference was dedicated to present the results and achievements of the ProSPeReS project, which aims at increasing the level of protection in places of worship against terrorist attacks. The event also presented comprehensive materials developed by the project, involving tools, templates, training, educational materials and security precautions covering the entire cycle of an emergency, from prevention to recovery. The event also featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, demonstrations and networking opportunities for the participants, including individuals from academia, law enforcement agencies, religious representatives, local authorities, and experts from different countries and backgrounds.

Dr Gabor Werner PhD, a security specialist in representation of University of Jewish Studies (BUJS), under the auspices of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (Mazsihisz), presented the results and achievements of the SHIELD project at the conference. He shared his experience and expertise on how to enhance the security measures in places of worship, and how to use the SHIELD tools and solutions in practice. He also highlighted the importance of collaboration and communication between the different actors involved in the security of places of worship, and how the SHIELD network can support this process.


The SHIELD presentation was well received by the audience, and sparked a lively discussion and exchange of views among representatives of other projects related to the security of religious sites, such as Project SOAR, PRECRISIS, PROTECTOR and PARTES. The panel was moderated by representative of The Dutch Institute for Safe and Secure Spaces (DISSS) and had valuable contribution from the DG Home Counter Terrorism Unit of the European Commission.


The purpose of the SHIELD project is to establish a network to facilitate discussion and foster cooperation between stakeholders, in order to enhance the security and protection of places of worship and religious communities in Europe. The SHIELD project aims to develop innovative tools and solutions for risk assessment, prevention, detection, and response to potential threats and attacks on places of worship.

The participation of SHIELD in the ProSPeReS Final Conference was a valuable opportunity to share and learn from each other’s experiences and to collaborate with other projects and stakeholders in the field of safety and security of places of worship and religious communities.

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