Smart City as a Place to Pray

The Authors of this paper, engaged in  the EU-funded SHIELD project – within the framework of this project and the exchange of experiences with its participants and participants of other projects oriented on the presence of religions in the modern urban spaces – carried out a research entitled Smart City as a Place to Pray, presented at the 2023 IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2).
After describing the research problem and the results of literature desk-research, the Authors present their idea of considering the projects on place of worship security as a way to transform existing urbanized space into smart space. Among other things, they address the issue of multiculturalism and multifaith in urban communities and highlight suggestions for future research tasks, including incorporating technology assessment (Technology Assessment) activities into Smart City processes.
Kaźmierczak, Jan & Knosala, Bartłomiej. (2023).
Smart City as a Place to Pray. 1-6. 10.1109/ISC257844.2023.10293673.
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